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Frequent questions

1. What is a container delay or detention?


It is the period of time between the unloading of the container and the return of the same vacuum, subject to daily cost for the use of the equipment.


2. When is this penalty generated or applied?


A penalty is applied once the free days granted by the shipping company are exhausted without the container being returned empty. It has a daily cost and varies according to the current rate established by the shipping line and the type of container in question.


3. Who sets the rate level to apply?


Rates are set directly by the shipping lines represented by PCS in the collection of delays or other services.


4.Why are the rates different between one line and another?


Each line is free to set the rate levels and days off granted to its customers.


5.What should I do to check whether a container should delay or not?


Enter our page register as a customer and you can immediately have information about your containers or call 809-539-8517.


6.What steps should I take to release my container?


1st. Please confirm if you are registered as a PCS customer; If it is not, you can do it on our page

2nd. Confirm that a payment applies to you based on the days off granted by your shipping company.

3rd. Verify that you have no outstanding accounts from previous shipments and / or past due invoices.

4th. Once steps 2 and 3 are exhausted, you can proceed to make the payment of the guarantee, container delay (if applicable), pending accounts (if applicable), overdue invoices (if applicable).


7. What is a guarantee?


It is the payment made at the time of dispatch to cover or financially guarantee the additional delay generated by the use of the container while it is in your plant or warehouse.


8.When should I pay a guarantee?


At the time of shipment of your container.


9. If I pay a guarantee, why should I make a partial payment of the delay in port before removing my container?


The guarantee only covers the time the container is estimated to be in your plant, at the time of dispatch you must pay the guarantee plus the accumulated delay in port (if applicable).


10. Why does Portcollect not issue a withdrawal “no objection”?


Automatically when making your payment, your load is released at the terminal.


11. What should I do when I deliver the container?


Keep the reception ticket issued by the terminal.


12. How does Portcollect charge me for my outstanding late payment balance?


When we return the unit we will be issuing an invoice, if the pending charges are covered with the payment of the guarantee, the debt balance will be zero.

Upon return of each container, you can confirm your account statement from our page


13. When do I get my warranty back?


Once the empty container is returned to the terminal, you can request a refund of the guarantee.


14. What happens if the guarantee has not been enough to cover the balance pending delay?


You must complete with an additional payment the pending balance at the time of issuance of the invoice.


15. What should I do to apply for Portcollect credit?


Enter our page register as a client and download the credit application forms. Complete them and send them signed to PortCollect for approval. The service has a cost.


16. Do I want to make a complaint, how do I proceed?


Write to us at or call us at 809-539-8517


17. Do I want to request a discount, how do I proceed?


From our page you must request the online discount with the BL number and container (s). After that, the authorization process will be automatically handled by PortCollect and the shipping line in question. The approval or rejection of the discount request can be consulted on our website.


18.How do I keep track of whether my discount request was approved or not?


On our page or call us at 809-539-8517


19.How do I get a balance from my account?


From our page if you are already registered as a client or call us at 809-539-8517


20. How do I register for Portcollect?


Enter our page


21. Do you apply interest for overdue and unpaid debt?


A 5% annual interest on the outstanding value of the invoice will be reflected on your past due invoices and / or will limit the dispatch of new cargo.

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