Why choose us?

We provide the best solutions to our clients by using our own software for the collection of outstanding debts, which allows us to design a solution tailored to your operation with

the ability to adapt to future challenges.

Standardized processes

Reducing operational errors

and the average collection time.

Trained staff

  Providing a personalized and

attentive service to our customers.


The system can be updated and modified to suit the particular needs of each shipping company.

Cost savings

We can provide efficient collection services with a reduced staff that allows us to offer better commission rates.


We provide the agent with all the information   necessary to track your customers' delays and ongoing transactions.


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by calling +1 809-539-8517

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Customs brokerage services are provided by Portcollect wholly-owned subsidiary. All transactions are subject to Portcollect standard terms and conditions, available at www.portcollect.com/terms

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