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Trends that transform the industry

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated not only eCommerce and omnichannel shopping but also “greater expectations from consumers of more convenient services such as click and collect, free delivery and returns.

Kantar and Catalyst’s 2020 study also revealed that 66% of shoppers chose a retailer based on convenience, while only 47% chose a retailer based on price or value. When it comes to convenience, today's consumers expect faster shipping.

The sudden increase in online shopping besides worsening the supply chain crisis, is also exacerbating the environmental crisis.

Issues as on-port pollution has largely been brushed to the side to deal with the immediate economic implications of the supply chain crisis and port jams, resourcing to the use of virtually every piece of equipment in the port spiking continuous burning of fuel.

Container ships are contributing around half of all emissions at the ports, followed by oil and chemical tankers. Tugboats and ferries are also contributing to pollution. On land, diesel trucks are idling for hours waiting to be loaded with goods as cranes move containers weighing over 20 tons.

The main shipping companies and ship manufacturers in the world are addressing the consequences of the crisis early by focusing on modernizing their fleet and prioritizing marine preservation.

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